team name TBC, first questions....

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team name TBC, first questions....

Post by pjbiker » Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:52 pm

Hi all,
Me and some of my mates are keen on track days, some keener than others, would like to race but basically aren't good enough on bigger bikes.
So, inspired by what we've seen on social media, plan to enter 1 or 2plops to Mallory and Anglesea (if we a. get a place and b. survive)
We got 1 1990 C90 runner in not bad nick, and planning some restorations to make it reliable and hopefully safer. We'd quite like to put it back on ebay when we've finished so don't want to cut it up too much.

Have read a fair bit of what people have posted and studied many photos of mods.
  • How much fuel would we need assuming we manage to complete 8hrs?
  • In the absence of a welder, is it possible to mount some pegs on a threaded rod through the swingarm tube?
  • I think some just use the rear pegs and replace the gearchange lever and make rear brake left hand operated?
  • Planning to use CG125 shocks and maybe replace the fronts with new ones, are the damper kits (takegawa on ebay) of any value do people think? The rising under braking worries me a bit, and both ends seem to be devoid of any noticable damping. Again, don't have our own welder.
  • What's a reasonable 'sag' setting if such a thing exists?

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Re: team name TBC, first questions....

Post by lawman » Sat Nov 25, 2017 11:06 am

Never done a a plop so hopefully Mallory will be a first.
Can't answer all your questions

I'm retaining the original rear pegs and raising the front ones an inch and have fitted fold up pegs on the front.

I have fitted a rear brake on the handlebar using some slightly modded levers (drilled adjusters) on flat bars running the cable to a bracket welded on the arm connecting the hub to the swing arm. (Theres a pic on here somewhere) I used a Honda Melody oem brake cable as suggested on here. It feels very good and can do skids so its enough.

Looking at pics a good number of people use dampers on the front end to damp the front under braking, a lot look like steering dampers but the takegawa looks like an easy bolt on unit. Ive not done anything yet. Some just ratchet strap the front end making it pretty solid.

I wouldnt get hung up about sag and all that, pushbikes with no suspension can go round corners pretty fast on smooth surfaces! I have some chinese racing boy shocks on they are very stiff.
All the best

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Re: team name TBC, first questions....

Post by ledwardio » Thu Nov 30, 2017 2:57 pm

pjbiker wrote:
Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:52 pm
How much fuel would we need assuming we manage to complete 8hrs?
I was wondering that too.

Also wondering how long each rider would stay on track for their session? I appreciate that'll vary but just wondered what people do.

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