SH300 - heated grips advice

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Re: SH300 - heated grips advice

Post by Wuyang » Fri Jan 05, 2018 3:26 pm

tom robinson wrote:
Sun Dec 24, 2017 10:48 pm
Hi,I’ve got a 2007 sh 300i and I recently fitted Oxford heated grips,they are simple to fit,the wires for feed to the grips and the controller travel “uphill” then through the small inspection holes (for checking the brake fluid levels) then making a connection to the cig lighter feed wire,make sure you get the polarity right,the panel to take off only require 2screws removing and the whole job takes about 40 mins but now I know how to do the job it would take half that time!
The grips can’t be left on,they have a sensor in the electrical system and if no electrical activity is detected they automatically switch off.
Sorry I can’t remember which model of grips I fitted and I am away at the moment for a few days so I can’t look it up but they have a size chart for the different model of grips on eBay,mine are a perfect fit and work well.
I fitted Oxford grips to my 250 cbf and they was very easy to fit and worked well,
They are just under £50 on eBay,Geoff from Preston has fitted Oxford grips to his 125 sh,
Cheers Tom
Cheers tom,,,,did you get time to check which Oxford grips you had on the sh300? Wuyang

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