C90 in Snow!

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C90 in Snow!

Post by ANF.S » Fri Jun 02, 2017 5:13 pm

I have been running an ANF125 for last 9 years but before that I had an E Reg C90. Loved it. Was good in the snow too!
One time, ("in band camp") there was much snow up here. Took the C90 to work and on a steep hill there were loads of cars stuck in about a foot of snow. The C90 got good traction with the thin tyres. So as they were digging the cars out I gave it some revs in 2nd and bumbled past. The looks on their faces as they stopped digging and looked at me was very funny. :lol:
Another time I was following a young lass doing 20 in fresh new snow. I felt fine on the 90 so overtook her doing about 30. Think she was taken by surprise!!

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